Our mission is to provide the  counties of Lancaster, York, Gaston &  the Charlotte area with premium automotive cleaning & restoration services. Our team will go beyond expectation to satisfy your needs.

Why Prime Touch?



Prime Touch will come to you. We are fully mobile so that you can save your time and energy!



Our technicians combine years of experience with our specialized equipment to revitalize any vehicle that has suffered from a lack of proper cleansing.



Preserve the value of your automotive possession with guaranteed quality cleaning and restoration. We take pride in every car like it's our job.

What We do..

Exterior Cleaning

We ensure that all of the dirt, debris, and road grime is loosened and removed from your car. We are supplied with microfiber towels, wash mitts, & detergents that reduce micro abrasions.

Exterior Protection

We apply a liquid automotive wax, paint sealants, and ceramic coatings that work to preserve your automobile. We also use a premium solution to clean any glass on your vehicle.

Interior Cleaning

Beginning with a thorough vacuuming, we then will be removing any contaminants from the cloth, leather, vinyl, plastic parts and pieces. We offer add-on services such as pet hair removal.

Interior Protection

Detailing products for the interior will vary based upon your desired package. We use treatment products designed for specific surfaces that protect the materials from exposure adding shine.

Take a look at our work & how we provide the Prime Touch

Prime Touch has the equipment needed and to service any size vehicle, no matter how small or large. We can get it done! 

We have the ability to service fleets of vehicles. Prime Touch is proud to assist the Catawba Transit Service fleet.

Here we have York County Access, a proud client of Prime Touch. We service their fleet of large transport vehicles with ease.

Satisfied Patrons

“My Ford truck hasn't looked and smelled this nice since I first bought it years ago. Thank you Prime Touch, I am proud to keep my truck for years to come!”
Frank Roberts
“After a hard week of work, I don't really feel like detailing my Denali. Taurus at Prime Touch made my truck look like a passenger vehicle instead of a utility truck!”
Terry Dennis
“Thank you Prime Touch, my baby is ready to cruise down to the beach this weekend. My truck is so clean I don't even want to roll the windows down.”
Phyllis Eubanks

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